Our Band first formed in 2005 with Gary Osborne on bass, Martin Amarillas on drums and vocals. Each year has brought many changes to our style of music. Musicians came and went and in 2011, the band was fortunate to find an outstanding lead singer, Genisi Pennie who has brought much to ISR with her versatility and style of singing. In 2013, ISR once again was fortunate enough to attract 3 more musicians to the group who brought their vast experience and knowledge, which expanded the band's repertoire; Brad Bolton playing rhythm, lead guitar and vocals, Gene Vigil on lead, rhythm guitar and vocals, and Hannis Thompson playing the keyboards and vocals. In February, 2015,, Gary Osborne left ISR to follow other musical prospect, which leads us to our 2 newest additions, Tom Roe now playing Bass, and James Lierman on guitar. We have all, some how come to meet here in Colorado. So, from California to New York, we've had good fortune, and chance has brought together this reunion of musicians.

This has formed who we are now. Our goal is to have fun with what we like doing best...playing music! We've been playing our hearts out at local venues, and working on expanding our material, which has increased our following. Our audience is comprised of the young and old, and all who love our music. Various motorcycle clubs continue requiring our presence during their high profile functions. These functions and events has taken us to various venues in Colorado.

Email us from our "Contact Us" page at, , or follow us on Facebook &Twitter, so stay up-to-date on what we’ve been up to and where our next show may be. We'll be looking forward to seeing you there.
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Tom "Too Tall" Roe on bass. Tom is our newest member but he's no rookie when it comes to playing bass. 

Iron Spoke Reunion has found the fit that works. Classic Rock is alive and well with ISR. 

Martin Amarillas on drums and vocals. Martin originally began playing since junior high in Southern California, influenced by many. Latin groups like Santana and Malo played a big role in these early years, while playing with Armageddon

Always involved in music, Martin moved the family to Colorado in 1977. In the 90's, he played with a country and western band known as Bitter Creek. Even now, Martin continues to expand his knowledge in music. 

In 2005 a friendship was formed between two musicians, Gary Osborne and Martin. Then both Martin and Gary began a reunion of musicians leading to what we know now as, Iron Spoke Reunion. Their music continues to entertain their audiences where ever they play, Rock On ISR!
Hannis Thompson on keyboards and vocals. Hannis came to ISR from the halls of Metro Denver area hospitals. Hannis not only plays a mean keyboard, he also practices medicine by keeping Coloradans healthy. ISR would like to welcome Dr. Hannis Thompson, M.D. 
Brad Bolton, rhythm and lead guitar, vocals,
started playing guitar at age 8 in 1959. Brad's early influences included rockabilly, rhythm and blues, early rock and roll, and surf tunes.

Brad played in several surf bands in the 1960’s in Southern California and grew into folk and singer-songwriter ballads in the 1970’s, Country in the 1980’s and Christian rock in the 2000’s. Brad was a member of numerous bands over the years
Professionally trained dancer and choreographer. He remains involved in the downtown performing arts scene in Denver as a 25 year member of the Colorado Symphony Chorus. ISR welcomes Brad with open arms. Brad brings much to the group through his knowledge, experience, and dedication to the art of music. 

Genisi Pennie, lead and back up vocals.Genisi has joined Iron Spoke Reunion as the female lead and back up vocalist. Growing up in Colorado Genisi got her first taste of the stage as a guest singer for her mother's band at the age of 9. Genisi continued singing with school choirs and theater, as well as playing string base for seven years, transitioning to weddings and karaoke contests as an adult. 

Most recently Genisi won a radio station karaoke contest which led her to sing at the Budweiser Event Center. Last year Genisi began taking voice lessons with Gina Williams who encouraged her to find a home for her voice. Iron Spoke Reunion was just the answer. She is now very excited to continue her musical journey with her first band and the great group of guys that built ISR! 
James Lierman, lead, rhythm guitar and vocals. As a Colorado native, James comes from a long family line of musician’s. James began his journey in the music world at the early age of 6 being taught by his father. Playing his way through Junior, high school and college he played in city wide and state wide jazz bands and playing with several bands and performer’s locally and across the country. James has played many different styles of music from Jazz, Classical, County and Rock. Major life time influences are Chet Atkins, George Benson, Al De Miola, Pat Metheny, Joe Satriani, his brother Robert and of course Eddie. 

He is now teaching his oldest son Jonathan how to play the guitar and has been extremely inspired watching him play lead, rhythm and bass guitar with different bands in elementary school and now middle school. That inspiration has fanned the flame of James’s musical journey and as the newest member of Iron Spoke Reunion, he’s so impressed and grateful to be a member of such a talented and FUN group.  

A favorite quote:
“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” 
-Kahlil Gibran